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SD Card
Power Adaptor

 Amazing 8MP Video

Higher pixels and Clearer pictures for Safer life.

Smart Detection Alerts Let You Never Miss What Matters

It helps you to see important information and reduce unnecessary alerts. Unlike normal motion detection, the camera records “Human Motion” events and saves exactly the moments for later playback, decreased much error detection by motion. You can set human detection, linecrossing detection and intrusion detection as you wish.

Excellent Day and Night Vision

It has a very good night image quality. With 24PCs LED lights and infrared radiation for 24-hour vigilance, the camera night vision range is up to 100 feet in the dark, good reassurance in terms of preventing security threat.

Easy Storage

The SD card will record when human detection or motion detection is triggered. The camera supports pre-record and post-record. When the SD card is full, it will automatically cover the old video.

POE Support

Easy and Convenient Installation. Besides, thanks to PoE you will never worry about electric leaks!

PoE Makes Easier Wiring and Installation

1.Work with 12V 1A Power Adapter
2.Work with POE Injector or Switch
3.Work with NVR

Free Device Management Tool Software and Player Tool

Cross-platforms: Windows/Linux/Mac OS Devices searching, firmware updating, batch configuration etc. Quick settings: view main stream and sub stream, camera settings including: Stream, Encoder, Network, Wi-FI, SD, RTMP etc. finding the password, playback and download SD/USB archives UI customization

RTMP Streaming

Live Broadcasting, RTMP video and audio streaming to Youtube, Wowzar Server for broadcasting with max 4K video resolution and 48K audio sampling rate AAC audio through wireless network.

A Perfect Waterproof Outdoor Security Camera

An IP67-rated security camera has a rugged design and durable construction that’s rated for general outdoor use. Dustproof and Weatherproof.
The weather resistant body and housing made of aluminum alloy enable it to work perfectly even in bad weather, like in heavy rains or snows.

24/7 Unfailing Recording & Protection

When added into Brillcam 4K video surveillance system, the B780 security IP camera can record not just motion clips, but every single minute of what happened in your home or business. You will never miss a thing.

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